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Point 2 and 3:

I wrote some notes (weapons production and "Europain"; but it's a Global Pain; see about the export of Heckler&Koch-weapons; in the first uprise in Egypt many protesters were killed with Heckler&Koch guns ), but I cannot post the link to the document on Titanpad

Maybe you can find it on this way:

I hope, it will be soon translated into English, before it is translated you can use onlinetranslator..???

by Alinka (guest), 27 Nov 2012 22:50

Hi "Namze" :),

Point: "JusticeAndPeace4Palestinians": I feel solidarity with Israeli who are struggling for flats and good livelihood conditions too. Because of the deep accumulation crises, Palestine has no chance to be established. The reason: every state must start with it's own accumulation of capital, but the world market and even the production is decreasing. And yes: I feel empathy with Palestinans who are suffering - but I feel solidarity with the workers in Bangladesh who are struggling for justice after many women were killed in the fire of the clothing factories. And I feel solidarity with the Egyptians, who are again on Tahrir in resistance against the dictatorship of Mursi! Justice and peace for Bangladesh workers and Egyptians too !


by Alinka (guest), 27 Nov 2012 22:41
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