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This is a daytime info tent with 3 info points. It will be closed in the night and reopened in the day, so that the procedure for legalizing it is like as for demonstration. We need people to register it , 1 tent, table and things to sit and lockable night wagon to lock things in it. The idea is to have it so that many could practice registering daytime info tent, as a form of protest and for practicing their freedom of assembly,

  • The minimum for this concept is 1 (winter) tent, table and things to sit. Those should be locked a kind of a small wagon, for the night or when such demonstration is not (yet) happening, as that wagon could also be carried and loaked somehow and is essay to get, make, loan, rent or buy.

If you would like to help us, or just contact us in genral, try this, thanks :)

  • #StopEuroPain: Stop The Pain In Europe:
    • Stop the Sadistic German Education Protecting the Banks Attacking the People of Europe, by Showing the Affected Points of Pain, such "points" as in Greece Spain Italy and Portugal!
wikidot Racism is always implemented in many ways and layers. This page is about the fight in Germany for benefiting all European and non-German populations. We now need you to help in building, informing, learning and just being, with us in the 24/7 open Tent in Heinrichplatz for together stopping the Sadistic German Education Protecting the Banks Attacking the People of Europe, by simply Showing the real situation in the Affected Points of Pain, such "points" as in Greece Spain Italy and Portugal. Stop this now because such german morality can only prove that in the last century the german society learned only replacing T for B or Tanks for Banks in attempt to seize europe. Sincerely the stopeuropain mailing list. Mailing list This mailing list is equally owned by its subscribers! All must agree with this ageremnt! Other such lists are published here! The conncetion to the list is secure, but Firefox users get a warning, so first click "I understand the risks" -> Add exception -> Confirm Security Exception Twitter News Get instant updates on #StopEuroPain OR #EuropeanStrike OR #14n OR #14nRiseUp
  • #JusticeAndPeace4Palestinians: Solidarity With Palestinians and against all which cause the current proportionality of death. e.g. from 4/2001 until 12/2012: 1 israeli for 79 palestinians.
    • For all the 12M people (of which just 5.9M are jewish) together with all the diaspora related to those people and in the area between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea, this justice is
      • either, in a post-colonial world, the justice for one state solution; a state being non ethnical, constitutional and belonging to all (the 12M+diaspora) its citizens and consequently, the reason of its existence, to become a home only for jewish people, could never be tolerated and its "right to exist" is only as a democratic state and not as a "jewish democratic" state, where its name might be israel palestine or even canaan :)
      • or, in a colonial world, the justice for some states, having equal sovereignty including all rights to have and use forces such as police, army etc.

Forget Fear! Do Not Kill!

  • #StopWeaponProductionProfit: Stop Weapon Production Profit by signing here this petition:
    • "I think it is ok to support those who would not pay tax as long as their government would not fully (100%) tax all profit from production of weapon or eliminate any such profit"
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